Important EnvyTan News As Of June 28, 2016:

Hello EnvyTan Customers Around The Globe,

Thank you for your patience as EnvyTan has been rebuilding, rebranding, and reformulating. We recognize that this caused challenges for many of our customers, and for that we apologize. There are times in business where you simply have to pull back from the situation and make substantial changes so that you may offer improved services in the future. This last year was a year of evaluation, assessment, and growth with respect to how we will serve you better in the many years to come.

We have been very busy making integral changes to the way that we do business. We wanted to take a moment to really be transparent with our customers so that you understand what is/has been going on at EnvyTan. We value your business, and we are grateful for your patience. We think that our customers always deserve the best, and that includes complete transparency.


Since 2003, EnvyTan warehoused and shipped all of our own products. Getting orders out of our distribution facilities and to your doorstep quickly was always a chief concern for us. As began to stabilize their Amazon Prime platform in 2014, EnvyTan made a decision to phase out our distribution centers and allow to handle the storage and shipment of our products to our customers around the world. We decided to let focus on what they do best, so that we can focus on what we do best, sunless. With respect to order tracking, refunds, etc, will now handle all phone and email support for the actual shipment ofIf you have a question, please connect with us on any of our social media channels, which are listed at the bottom of every page. You may also send an email to with your questions or concerns. our products to you. This frees us up to train, develop new tools,  and create new products for you.

Since 2003, EnvyTan also provided free customer support, between 4-10 hours per day, 5 days a week to consult with new or existing customers. That was a service which we really enjoyed providing to you. With so many online tools available to provide our customers with answers to their questions now, we will answer your questions via YouTube, Podcast, Conference Calls, Online Events, Training Seminars and our Blog. This provides us with a unique ability to give thousands of people an answer to any of your excellent questions. If you have a question, please connect with us on any of our social media channels, which are listed at the bottom of every page. You may also send an email to with your questions or concerns, and we will answer them for our worldwide EnvyTan customers.

We chose Amazon to carry our products to you for several reasons; most people are already shopping on, so they have an account on file, checkout on Amazon is very simple, as most people have their payment information already stored, and finally because most of our customers already have Amazon Prime, so this allows our products to ship to you in only two days for free via Amazon Prime.


EnvyTan sold 126 products in 2012 from Tanning Tents and Training Programs to Sunless Solution and Retail Products, as we had become a world leader in providing all things sunless. Over the last year, there were a lot of products that we decided not to carry anymore. As our products are carried exclusively on, there are many other vendors who now sell those products (disposables, gun cleaning solution, etc) as a part of their core line of business, so we have removed them from our product offering. We know that removing the extra products will reduce our costs, enhance our focus, and increase our availability to our customers. If you have Amazon Prime, you may order our products and products from other vendors in one place, and they will all be shipped to you together. This allows us to really focus on our core product offerings; sunless tanning solution and training materials.

EnvyTan was always run as one company, but now EnvyTan is the parent company to several smaller companies. Moving forward, we will run these companies separately to help us to brand strong and focus on the niche that we are serving with that company’s product line. Here is a list of our parent and subsidiary companies.

Parent Company: EnvyTan, Inc. sells Envy Addict Sunless Tanning Solution Signature Blends, which have been a long time favorite of our worldwide customers. Under this line, we sell our original products as Habit 8% DHA Sunless Tanning Solution, Addiction 10% DHA Sunless Tanning Solution, and Strung Out 12% DHA Sunless Tanning Solution. As these products have a long standing reputation, and are consumed in much higher quantity, these three signature products are sold in gallon sizes for $125 per gallon, with free shipping for any client who has Amazon Prime.

Subsidiary Company: Viva La Bombshell sells Viva La Bombshell Skin Finishing Solution, our newer sunless tanning solution line. To learn more please visit As this is a newer product, and people are still becoming familiar with it, it is sold in 32 ounce bottles for clients to sample a smaller amount of product for $45, and free shipping for any client who has Amazon Prime.

Subsidiary Company: Bronze Crush sells our DHA friendly organic retail products; Glance Body Wash, Flirt Sunscreen, and Smitten Self Tanner. These products used to be sold by EnvyTan as the Sunless Secrets line, so if you loved those products, then they are now available under the Bronze Crush line. They are the exact same formulas with a new look. To learn more, please visit

~Bodygaurd DHA Friendly Body Wash became Glance DHA Friendly Body Wash 16 oz for $20 (free shipping for any client who has Amazon Prime).

~Hands Off SPF 30 Sunscreen became Flirt SPF 30 Sunscreen 16 oz for $25 (free shipping for any client who has Amazon Prime).

~Smitten Self Tanner is a medium to dark new product in that line at 8 oz for $25 (free shipping for any client who has Amazon Prime).

Subsidiary Company: Skin Finishing Artists United is a place where all individuals who work with the skin may come together to train, connect, and thrive.

SFAU (Skin Finishing Artists United):

  • To learn from and encourage one another.
  • Keep up with skin finishing industry news/events.
  • Cross-train one another.
  • Network with each other.
  • Assist one another with job/project placement.
  • Showcase artist portfolio’s to assist with increased bookings for local jobs.
  • Take advantage of our combined buying power for our industry consumables (client disposables, marketing materials, supplies, etc).
  • Provide artists with a safe and professional network of people to assist with business fundamentals (logo design, business cards, websites, social media pages, etc.).

For more details, please Skin Finishing Artists United. This project is just getting started, so connect with us to stay in the loop.

What have we really learned from this last year? It’s simple. We focused on one core operating principle to overhaul our entire company ‘Brand Strong and Focus’. We thank you for your many years of support and we look forward to growing with you in the years to come.

To Your Success,

elle, kruger, president, ceo
Elle Kruger
EnvyTan, Inc.

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